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Water spraying ways and merits of sprinkler

2017-06-02 02:06:53

shower head is an indispensable bathroom product in our daily life, and there're vast kinds of shower heads in the market. Normally speaking, it will be categorized by the material. People usually concern about its water spraying way, because different spraying ways will bring us diversified shower feelings.

1. The normal spray way of the shower head

Gold Bathroom Shower Faucets

It's a shower head whichs permeate water from a lot of holes, giving people an experience of wonderful shower.

2. The soft spray way of the shower head

Brass Shower Faucet With Spout

Water discharged by this spray way is very suitable to wash hair, because the water mixes the stream from the pipe and the drop which congealed in the air, making the water centralized and soft. Thus it owns the function of increasing our immunity.

3. The massage style spray way of the shower head

Bronze Black Shower Faucets

By centralize those few water in the runner hub and then spray it in same frequency, the shower head can make a massage style water spray way. This kind of way make water hard which can stimulate every acupoint in your body. This strong water stream bears functions of massage and refreshing people.

4. The strong beam way of water spraying

Water which discharged from this kind of shower head is pretty strong and can add shower atmosphere due to the spray it generates.

Wall-mounted shower faucets

5. Turbo type of water spray

Shower Faucets(Bell Hand Shower)

The water is concentrated into a waterspout which makes our bodies feel a little numbing and itchy. It can stimulate our bodies and brains efficiently.

Of course, different spray ways of water bring us diversified feelings. You can choose the shower head in terms of your own preference and bathroom furnishings.

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