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Shower Faucet Installation Tutorial

2016-03-21 07:03:33

Shower Faucet Installation Tutorial

If you buy shower faucets online, it means that you have to installation them. Some of you may pay extra money for plumber to help you finish the installation, and others will refer to the installation instruction to finish every step. The following steps will tell you how to install a shower faucet.

Step 1

Shower Faucet Installation

Compared water mixing valve to sliding bar, and then you should mark the distance of borehole after measuring the installing holes.

Step 2

Shower Faucet Installation

Using drilling machine to drill holes according to the size of the mark, and then you can install the base and eccentric part of the shower, finally cover the decorative cover.

Step 3

Shower Faucet Installation

Fix the finished shower holder and water mixing valve.

Step 4

Shower Faucet Installation

Connect the hose of small shower faucet with change-over switch, and fix then with wrench.

Step 5

Shower Faucet Installation

Connect big shower faucet with the top of the holder and then fix them, you will finish the installation of the shower faucet.

steps of installation

PS: * Pay attention not damage the water pipe when you drilling.

* When you install the round bottom cover of the shower, you should tighten the screws to avoid the falling off of the shower.

finish the installation

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