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Scientific way to maintain the kitchen faucet

2017-06-02 03:06:04

The brandnew kitchen faucets are looked beautiful and glossy. Howerver, the more we use it, the dirtier it'll become. No matter what way we use to remove the water blot, the pitting or the mildew, it doesn's work at all. Many people are troubled by this and asked why does the kitchen sink will be like this? Actually, the skills of maintaining the sink should be remembered to keep our sinks new. What should we do when there's stain on the sink? I sum up some ways in the following text.

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1. Causes of stains

(1). The kitchen sink is not cleared immediately after decoration, then the rusty spot will occur.

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(2).After using the sink, we should suck up the water on it instantly, especially the new decorated house. Otherwise it will cause the rusty spot.

(3).Sometimes, the dust which contains the mineral or acidity will also cause the occurence of rusty spot.

(4).Stuffs like kitchen knife, scissor and corkscrew been put on the sink too long may cause the rusty spot, mildew and discolor problem too.

(5). If chemicals, detergent, oil paint, oil stain and sauce are left on the sink's surface, the mildew may also been attached with the sink.

2. Preventing and solving approaches

(1).Sink installation should be the last step when decorating the house, and make sure that all the water that left in the water pipe is been sucked up. Clearing it up after finishing the installation.

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(2).Everytime we use the kitchen sink, making sure that it is totally cleared up.

(3).Never left the kitchen knife and bottle opener on the sink for a long time. Remenber that do not use steel wool to wash the sink.

(4).If there's some stains on the sink, just squeezing some toothpaste on it and use the washcloth to brush it.

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