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Process of finishing the stainless steel sink surface

2017-06-08 03:06:03

Kitchen is an indispensable place to all modern human-beings. And in the kitchen, the most frequently used stuff is the sink. From which we can see the importance of it. Nowadays, an increasing number of people choose stainless steel sink. Because they love the appearance and touch feeling of it, moreover, the stainless steel material has the feature of preventing corruption and rubbing. Then how can we buy a good stainless steel sink with perfect surface craftsmanship.

Stainless Steel Corner Kitchen Sinks

Sink surface processing ways can be devided into mirror carve, brush carve and pearl surface carve.

Mirror carve is the easiest one among these ways. The main processing step is continuously polishing the surface and make the sink surface looks like a mirror. However, mirror surfaced sink will be easily scratched during the using time, thus is not suitable for normal families.

Brushed mirror also called silky surface, which is the most frequently used processing craft. Brushed carve uses an equipment to brush the surface again and again to produce thousands of tiny threads and these threads are very slippy. However, we can use steel wool to clean the sink, because it will broke the surface and make the threads mussy.

Stainless Steel Kitchen Sinks

Pearl surface also called matte surface, which uses the electroplated way to produce such a surface. This processing way is pretty easy and with low budget. Thus the sink will also be sold in a low price. Many people are prefer to choose this kind of sink. However, the matte surface is easily to be sratched and the surface will even break.

Besides, there're two processing ways which are easily be promiscuous--the crystal projectile craft and the abrasion craft.

Abrasion craft means conpressing the air to blow the silica sand which attached in the surface and change the appearance of the sink. Due to the grinding material bears the funtions of crashing and slicing, thus it can make the surface glittery.

The crystal projectile is using the engine to perl the small steel rounds and make the rounds crash the accessories' surfaces and then eliminate surfaces' oxide layer. Thus the surfaces' hardness will be hardened.

Kitchen double sink

It can be said that sand spraying only change the accessory's surface, but rounds spraying can not only do this, but also harden it. Thus this processing way is been used in many fields like producing car accessories, flight's accessories and gun's accessories.

Therefore, the crystal projectile is the best way to process the stainless steel sink's surface.

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