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Installation Of Shower Faucets

2016-03-15 10:03:50
Installation Of Shower Faucets

More and more people buy shower faucets in online shops, but many of them have problems in installation. Some of you may ask plumbers for help and it means that you should pay extra money, so many people want to know how to install the shower faucets themselves. Following I will show you the steps to install and you can learn from the pictures, and there's no need for you to worry that the method is not suitable for your shower faucets because all kinds of them have similar shapes and they just have different between workmanship and function.

1.As shown in figure1 , wind the thread seal tape on the stud (1) and use the spanner to fix them on the hose outlet to make sure that distance of the stud is about 150mm.

2.Put two decorative cover (2)on the stud. 3.Put the washers between two heads of stud and then screw the installation nuts and fix them on the wall.

PS: * The installed shower faucets must be horizontal, not slanted, 900-1000mm from the ground. * Don't let the spanner damage the plate surface.

figure 1,2 and 3

1. After finishing these steps, you can drill three holes which have 6mm diameter and 35mm depth from the hose outlet about the distance of 'H' as shown in figure 2.

2. Put the expansion tubes in the installation holes and fix them on the walls with self-tapping screws, and you should pay attention that the wall base and the hose outlet should seat in the centerline.

3. Before drilling, package the shower faucets with cloth to avoid damaging.

4. The height 'H' should be adjusted according to your installation.

figure 4

1. As shown in figure 3, put the seal ring 'C' underneath the switching valve 'A'.

2. Use nuts to screw 'A' and 'B'.

Figure 5

1.As shown in figure 4, screw the ' B' part of shower rod tightly with switching valve 'C' and seal ring is needed.

2.Put decorative cover '2' into 'A' part of shower rod and then put 'A' into the '1' of wall base and then use three screws to fix them.

Finished shower faucet

1.As shown in figure 4, joint the nut of shower hose with water valve 'B' and then joint the screw 'C' with the shower head 'D'.

2. Screw the top shower on the shower rod.

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