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Installation Notes Of Kitchen Sinks

2016-03-15 10:03:33

* Installation Notes Of Kitchen Sinks

Those who love shopping online will worry about the installation of their kitchen sink because such a sink may make you feel helpless. Don't worry and I will provide you with some suggestions and hope you can install them easily. Before you install your sinks, you should prepare some tools and it means that there is no need for you to pay extra money to plumbers.

Before you install your sinks, you should prepare some tools.

Tools Of The Installation

Use pencil to mark the size of the sinks.

mark the size of the sinks

Drill the holes.

Drill the holes

use glue

install the sink

Unused sinks will be more easily rusty than those in use ones because when the long period of time when not in use, the high-acid matter left on the surface will cause the rust. You should know how to prevent and deal with.

clips included with sink

How To Prevent?

1.Before you install the sinks, you can grease the sinks with oil and then use plastic bags which are used to packaging the sinks or newspapers to cover them to prevent the dust fall on the surface of them.

2.When the sinks have been installed, you should clear the dust, oil and lime, and after this, you can oil them again to protect the sinks because those lime and concrete are chemical materials. If they are left on the surface of the sinks, they will cause sinks rust.

3.After installing the sinks, don't pour your decorative waste water into the sinks and you should draw off the water of your new laid pipes to ensure that they can drain the metal chips away.

fix the sink

finished sinks

How To Solve The Proble?

The Rust These sinks are stainless steel, and the lime or concrete can only corrode the surface of the sinks and the interior materials of the sinks are not corroded, so you can use alkaline matter like toothpaste and apply them to the surface of the sinks and them you can gently wipe them after 1-2 min. If the sinks are corroded for a long time, you can use anhydrous cleansing paste to clean them. After you cleaning the sinks, you can oil them and protect them from the air.

* Usage Notice Of The Sinks

If the sinks become rusty during use, you should know how to prevent and how to deal with the problems.

How To Prevent?

1.Clean the acidic material such as salt and soy on the sinks in your everyday use to prevent residue will cause rust.

2.Avoid prolonged contact with bleaching powder, household chemical and soap, wire brushes or brushed with rough texture shouldn't be used either because they will have the possibility to cause surface damage of the sinks.

3.Don't put those metallics which are easy to be rusty such as scissor, they will corrode the surface of the sinks.

4.Avoid long-term use of acid water because it will also result in the rust of the sinks.

Ways Of Dealing With The Problem

In your everyday use, pay attention to the frequent cleaning and keep the clean using environment. If you use acid water frequently, you'd better install central strainer, and you can use them after filtering the water because drink acid water will do harm to your health.

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