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How To Replace Shower Faucet

2016-04-14 03:04:24

When your shower faucet cannot meet your requirements and emerging problems, it will necessary for you to replace a new one. However, many people will be wondered how to change, following are steps of replacement. ( Remember that the new shower faucets you choose should have same styles as your old one)

parts of shower faucet

Before your replacement, you should turn off hot and cold water valve first, maybe the sediment will add some difficulty for you to remove the old shower faucets, you should be more carefully.

Then, use one hand to hold the handle and remove the screw, so you can pull the handle off of the faucet mount; and you can also use the same way to remove the other handle.

Putting fixed sheath into mixing valve and fit the new shower faucets to the old one, tighten the screw with suitable tools. Mount the new escutcheons over the faucet posts, followed by the new handles. Tighten the handles with the handle mounting screws using a screwdriver, then place the new trim caps over the handles.

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