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How To Replace A Kitchen Sink

2016-04-01 04:04:01

After a long time use, many people would like to change the kitchen sink but they don't know how to replace a kitchen sink, but this project requires some moderate do-it-yourself skills, be patient and careful!

measure the size

First at all, you should measure the size of your sink to to make sure whether the new one you choose is suitable or not. Don't forget to turn off the hot and cold water shut-off valves before you start the replacement and then you should turn on the faucet to relieve the pressure.

hot and cold water shut-off valves

Secondly, turn off the power running to the garbage disposal and remove it before you disconnect the water supply line; then you can remove your old faucet, handles and the soap dispenser.

parts of sinks

Next, find slip nut and gasket seal which are used to connect the drain assembly to the floor pipe, and remove them carefully. When it is finished, you should loosen the clamp to hold the sink in place and turn to side under the sink.

Following, separate the sink from its edge and remove it, then scrape off the caulk and clean the surface. Before you install the new sink, remember that add new caulk and then you can put your new sink into the hole. You can also replace a new sink faucet at the same time.


finished replacement

After this steps have been finished, you can place the drain and strainer and tighten with washer and nut. Then you can reattach the garbage disposal and test your new sink to ensure it works well without leaking. You'd better know clearly about how to a kitchen sink drain or faucet at the same time.

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