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How To Replace A Kitchen Faucet

2016-03-28 03:03:20

Because of frequent use of faucets everyday, it is inevitable that faucets will be wearing out and most of you would like to know that how to replace a kitchen faucet to make your the original sinks have a new look.

1.You all know that there is a main switch--hot and cold water shut-off valves, turn them off; if the valves cannot be turned off, you can turn on the new faucets or other faucets to relieve pressure.

2.Find the joint of faucets and pipe on the water filling pipe, pinch the metal joint on the top of the pipe and rotate them with force, and disconnect the line that connects the hose to the faucet, so the original faucets will be removed. You will find that joint of the water pipe and wall of the pipes are dirty, so you can change a new pipe.

3.After pulling the old faucet out, you should clean the surface of the sink. Then, you should know clearly about the detailed size of the sink and your new faucets to make them match each other well.

4.Underneath the sink, thread on the flange and nut with a basin or socket wrench. Attach supply lines to the faucet and then to the shut-off valves. Hot water connects on the left, cold on the right.urn on the water.

5. Check out whether you have tightened the faucets to prevent leaking.

reference picture(You can finish your installation according to the reference picture)

It is really necessary for you to know how to replace s kitchen sink faucet, you can not only change a new one by yourselves, but also save the money to ask plumbers for help.

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