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How To Prevent The Shower Head Blockage

2017-08-25 04:08:51

Most users in the use of the shower haed, there will be such a rush, the longer the use of the nozzle, the smaller the water. In fact, the reason is that user fails to pay attention to maintenance, so shower nozzle produced a blocked situation. If you want to solve this problem, just keep reading this article.

Causes of blockage 

The causes that lead to he blockage of the shower heads depends on circumstances. If it is not be used in a long time, then it must duo to the poor quality. But if the shower faucet is used frequently and after a long time, it is normal that the blockage occurs since the water will accumulate impurities into the nozzle,and then will cause the nozzle plug.

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Method of solving the tough problem

The way to solve the shower nozzle clogging also depends on the cause of the shower nozzle clogging. 1, if it is due to the poor quality of the shower nozzle reasons, then you need to pay attention to the quality of the shower faucets the time you purchase them. The choice of qualified shower nozzle will ensure no problem. Generally you need to go to the formal large-scale commodity inspection to buy, and not covet small cheap shower nozzle made of   plastic. Use copper shower nozzle to prevent the shower nozzle clogging, cracking and other quality problems.

If it is due to prolonged use of the shower faucets, you need to do the dilly cleaning work. In general, you can use white vinegar to eliminate scale. You need every three months to carry out a clean-up work. Dismantle down the shower nozzle , then soak it in basin filled with white vinegar for about 4-6 hours. Do the careful cleaning and after then install the shower nozzle back. The scale will flow out along the running water. This way can perfectly achieve the effect of cleaning up the scale and eliminating bacteria.

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Precautions of cleaning

For the surface of the nozzle, we need pay attention to daily maintenance of its surface in addition to cleaning. We have to use the soft cloth to keep the surface clean. So just contaminated flour wipe its surface, with water rinse, let the surface to keep clean, to extend its service life.

Summary: In order to make shower more comfortable, then in daily life we need to regularly clean up the nozzle, so that the nozzle can bid farewell to block, no longer disturb your enjoyment of the pleasure of the shower.

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