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How To Measure A Toilet Seat

2016-04-18 03:04:23

In order to match different kinds of toilet bowls, there exist different kinds of toilet seats with various appearance and categories, so sizes of toilet seats will be different from each other. When you choose your toilet seats, you should know clearly about the distance from the center of the drain pipe to the wall, length and width of toilet bowls.

U-shape toilet seats

Size of this kind of toilet seats always larger than the the toilet and you can choose those toilet seats whose length are 43-45cm and width 34cm, hole post about 9-18cm.

Round-shape toilet seats

This kind of toilet seats don't have too many in the market and they are suitable for some old-fashioned toilet bowls, width and length of the toilet seats are often about 43-47cm and hole post distance is 33-35cm.

measurement of toilet seats

Though it is important for you to know how to measure toilet seats, in fact, most of the size of toilet seats are fixed and it won't be too difficult for you to measure, and you should also pay attention to choosing good quality toilet bowls.

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