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How to clean stainless steel sink

2016-07-08 05:07:54

Many people find that stainless steel sink will also rust or have stains, it is common to see this phenomenon under special circumstance. When you encounter the situation, you will desperately want to know to solve this problem as soon as possible.

1. Heavy metal in water will cause the sink discolor and rust, so you can use stainless steel brightener, but remember to dilute, and then you can use towel to clean it until the rust can't be seen. After these all have been done, you can wash the sink by warm water and spray antirust to make your sink look bright and clean.

stainless steel sink

2. You can use vinegar with low concentration to remove the rust because these strains are caused by acid base and you didn't rinse them promptly or didn't wash clearly.

stainless steel sink

3. Some rust sinks are caused by remaining corrosion when you decorated your home. You can use toothpaste to scrub them and run cold water over them, then you can dry them with cotton cloth.

stainless steel sink

In addition, you should also know how to maintain your sink in your daily life to prolong their service time. You should clean your sink frequently by sponge, cloth or mild detergent. If you are a owner of a new house, you can grease a layer of oil on the surface of the sinks, and this way can also be used if the sinks are unused for a long-term.

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