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How To Clean Shower Head

2016-03-25 01:03:01

Most of you are used to ignoring the importance of shower head, but they actually decide the its service life; that is to say, you should pay attention to the maintenance and clean of the shower head to prolong service life and save your money. Then, you have to know that how to clean your shower heads.

steps of cleaning shower heads

1. Use needles or toothpicks to stab

If some small holes of your shower heads are blocked, you should turn on the water first and look how many holes are blocked. When you realize the problem, you can use needles which are prepared in advance to remove the impurities. This is the most direct way, but pay attention that not damage the shower heads.

Use needles or toothpicks to stab

2.Use white vinegar

If the shower heads are blocked for a long time and seriously, you'd better soap them into the white vinegar. ( Don't use strong acid to soap them to prevent corrosion). It will just cost about 10 min to remove the scale.

3.Use anti-rust lubricant

You can also use anti-rust lubricant to remove the scale because they have penetration powers and can separate the rust layer from the the metal layer. If your shower heads are stainless steel, you can use this way to avoid rusting.

4.Use towers to wipe

If the shower heads are used for a long time and they are too old, you can change a new one; however, if they haven't been used for a long time, you should take actions to protect them after taking a shower. You can use towers to clean the shower head to prevent the water left will form scale.

cleaned shower heads

Aftering reading the articles, you will know some ways of how to clean a shower head, and protection is so important when you use your shower heads.

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