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Four things that usually be neglected when buying faucets

2017-06-17 03:06:13

Many people only focuses on the price and never pay attention to it's quality, thus there're many water leaking problems, and some so-called water-saving faucets do not save water at all. In the following text, I'll show some mistakes that we usually make for you.

Misunderstaning one: Touchless faucet is the best water-saving faucet

touchless faucet

Many consumers buy touchless faucets because of it's ocnvenience and think that it can save water. However, it actually can not save water and the repair fee is pretty high. Normally speaking, it's been installed in the public space and legislation buildings. But the Touchless faucet is not peoper to be installed in our house.

Solving way: Not only touchless faucet can save water. Some normal faucets can also save water and they're with longer using lives and easy to be repaired. If you think the noremal faucets are not convenient for you to use, you can also use the push type faucets, which are comparatively cheaper and with high quality.

Misunderstaning two: The smaller the water flow is, the more it can be saved

wallmounted faucet

There's a standard of water saving flow. Too much or too less flow will both waste water. Lots of people may have the misunderstanding of it. They think the smaller the water flow is, the better the water-saving function the faucet has. However, if the water flow is too small, then you need to open your faucet for a longer time, it will also waste water. Sometimes, the faucet's valve may be the reason that cause small water flow. The vave could be blockedby residues. Thus, do not consider the small water flow as the embody of water-saving.

Solving way: Pay attention to the clean of faucets, remember to clear the valve and strainer frequently. It can keep the water clean and our health. Water is one of the most important things to us, so the hygiene is very crucial.

Misunderstaning three: Bubbler can save water at anytime

Water outlet is consisted of two parts, the strainer in the outside and the bubbler in the inside.The function of bubbler is to increase the amount of bubble to decrease the water discharing amount. However, the bubbler can not save water all the time. Because it decrease the power of the water, when we need to wash a very dirty stuff, we'll use many water to wash it. At this time, it makes a negative influence.

Electronic Sensor Faucet

Solving way: We should consider the installation place of the bubbler. For instance, we can install it in kitchen sink and wash basin. But in the belcony, we don't need a faucet that bears the bubbler, cause we often need to wash mop.

Misunderstanding four: All faucets have water temperature adjusting function

Faucets can be devided into wash basin, kitchen sink faucet, bathtub faucet, mop pool faucet and washing machine faucet in terms of their functions. Many consumers think all of the faucets can adjust the water temperature.

Solving way: A faucet which can adjust water temperature must have two flexible pipes and ceramic valve. Wash basin, kitchen sink faucet and bathtub faucte all have this function. The mop pool faucet and washing machine faucet normally do not have water adjusting funciton.

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