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Fixing the holder is the key in the installation of shower head

2017-06-14 02:06:51

The function of the shower holder is to fix the shower head in order to let people enjoy the shower. Moreover, the shower holder can add a beauty to the shower head, making the bathroom more chic. In the following text, I sumed up some installation ways of shower holder.

Shower Head

1. Select a proper place to install the shower wall pedestal and drilling the hole in accordance with it. And then drilling the hole, the diameter of the hole should be 6mm and the width of it should be 35mm. After doing this, put the expandable tubular and fix the pedental into the wall by self-tapping screw.

Shower Head

2. Fixing the wall pedestal into the pedatal. There're two snap joints in the pedestal. When you hear two cluck, that means the shower wall pedestal has been installed.

Quality Stainless Steel Shower Faucets

The maintainence of hardware products: faucet, shower head, hanger and hardware accessories

1. Use water to clean the faucet and soak it by cotton towel. Remenber that do not use stuff which has abrasive function like cleaning cloth, tissue, or any thing that contains acidity like cleanser and soap.

2. The surface will be damaged if the detergent residue left on it for long times. This will make the faucet less glazed. Cleaning the hardware products' surfaces at least once a week by soft towel. You'd better use mild detergent such as pledge.

3. As to some residue which are hard to be cleared, we can choose some mild liquid detergents, like transparent liquid glass cleanser or polishing liquid. Then swash the faucet and soak the water by soft cotton towel.

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