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Classification Of Faucets and Ways Of Choosing Them

2016-04-09 03:04:35

Faucets play an important role in your life and quality of them will affect health and usage experience of you, so you should not choose those cheap faucets, only those qualified faucets can be first choice of you.

Classification Of Faucets

In general, faucets can be divided into kitchen faucets, basin faucets and bath tub faucets according to function and usage. Bath tub faucets often have two outlets; one of them connects shower and the other connects shower faucets for you to take a shower. Basin faucets have short and low outlets and they can help you to wash and clean. Multifunction kitchen faucets often have longer and taller outlets and some of them even have hosepipe design for you to wash your food.

They can also be divided into three major types according to their structure, that are one handle faucets, two handle faucets and touchless faucets. One handle faucets often use ceramic cartridge and switches of them are flexible and they are convenient for you to adjust the temperature; two handle faucets also use ceramic cartridge, you can choose cold or hot water from two sides of the faucets and they often have long using life, and some of them also have various styles with reasonable prices; touchless faucets will be the most convenient faucets for you to choose, that is single handle override.

Faucets can be divided into oil rubbed bronze faucets, brushed faucets, polished brass faucets, chrome faucets and so on according to their different materials.

Ways Of Choosing Faucets

At first, you can focus on the appearance of the faucets because those faucets with good quality always have good surface finish, and they can even achieve mirror effect. Then, when you turn the handle, good faucets will make you feel handy and non-slip while bad faucets will have large gap and be hindered.

Inspect each part of the faucets and make sure the main parts of the faucets are tightly assembled; valve body and handle of good quality faucets are made of brass and they are always very heavy. In addition, pay attention to the brand of the faucets.

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